Carelessly starting the Keto diet may be killing your progress in the gym

Discover how to harness the fat burning power of Keto and still maximise your workout potential.

The ketogenic diet has been the key to fat-loss success for thousands of people worldwide. This is because one of the many advantages of this diet is that it helps your body turn old stores of fat into ketones – which become a powerful source of energy for the brain as well as your other vital organs.

While low fat diets encourage your body to store more fats, the keto diet trains your body to actually USE your fat as fuel. This is why study after study has shown that the Ketogenic diet is the most effective diet for fat burning.

And the benefits don’t stop there…

Eating a ketogenic diet helps to stabilise your blood sugars and to manage or even prevent type 2 diabetes. It promotes a healthy heart, maintains a healthy blood pressure and reduces the risks of certain cancers.

For healthy living, the ketogenic diet really does seem to have it all. But there’s one catch…

Done incorrectly, Keto can ruin your chances of workout success.

This is because one of the core tenets of the Ketogenic diet is maintaining low carbohydrate levels. However fast and intense activity, like heavy weight lifting and high intensity training rely on glucose from glycogen storage to fuel the muscles – and these ONLY come from carbohydrates.

If you NEVER feed your muscles the carbs they need, over time the stores of glycogen in your muscle fibres become depleted, your performance in the gym will plummet and your energy levels flatline.

Yes, even if you don’t notice it on day one, if you’re going full Keto, your muscles are at risk.

This leaves one question… How can you get all of the fat burning power and health benefits of the ketogenic diet and still be a winner in the gym?

The Solution

A Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

Keto success in the gym
Introducing: Keto at the Gym

How to master cyclical and targeted ketogenic diets for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness fanatics.

A cyclic ketogenic diet (KCD) involves adding carefully timed and planned carbohydrate sessions into your diet plan. These refeed cycles are designed to perfectly replenish your muscles after intense physical activity and make sure you can always perform at your best.

In this short and concise guide, you will learn exactly how to master Keto if you are somebody who loves to keep active.

This means you can perform even BETTER at the gym and still have all of the fat burning and health benefits that come along with the full ketogenic diet.

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A cyclical ketogenic diet (KCD) means you’re refeeding your body.

  • How to fully fuel your workouts for maximum fat burning and muscle growing results.
Cycling Systems
  • The two major KCD cycling systems which offer you the freedom to tailor your diet to match your unique training schedule.
Thyroid Suppression
  • How to stop thyroid suppression and modulate your hormone levels to keep your fat burning furnace switched on ALL DAY long.
Simple Method
  • The simple method to perfectly time your carbohydrate cycles to guarantee they’re used to restore your muscles and NEVER stored as fat.
  • And much, much more…
Keto at the Gym

It’s time to join the winning team and turn your dreams of maximising fat loss and improving your performance into a reality. Keto at the Gym has the answers and for a short time only – we are GIVING it away.

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